[Sogna] Viper CTR~あすか~ (Viper CTR Asuka) 1998 Japanese (Patch)

Original Title: Viper CTR~あすか~ (Viper CTR: Asuka)
Release Date: 1998 (Japanese)
Developer: Sogna
Publisher: Sogna
Language: Japanese

[Sogna] Viper CTR Asuka 1998 Japanese (Patch)

By AyuanX, 27-July-2021

  1. Make game portable, no installation is needed any more.
  2. Game can save data and load data properly on Windows Vista/7/8/10.
  3. Game settings can be saved and restored correctly on Windows Vista/7/8/10.
  4. Game window can be switched to background.
  5. Fix blurry font on Non-Japanese Windows.
  6. Replace gibberish characters with English on Non-Japanese Windows.

PS: This patch is also applicable to other Sogna Viper series games.

PPS: If you want to play music from CD instead of MIDI, refer to https://github.com/ayuanx/ogg-winmm/

NOTE: This is just a patch. You still need the original game.


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