Trails of Cold Steel IV Camera Tweak

The Legend of Heroes ~Trails of Cold Steel IV~
Camera Tweak Rev.A (EN & JP)
By AyuanX, 1 May 2021
(Supported Game Version: 1.2)

Hotkey            Effect

NUMPAD /          Unlock Camera Pitch
NUMPAD 0          Unlock Camera Collision
NUMPAD *          Unlock Camera Zoom
NUMPAD 5          Unlock Camera Altitude
Camera Zoom:      NUMPAD – / NUMPAD +
Camera Altitude:  NUMPAD 8 / NUMPAD 2


Video Demo:


About AyuanX

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2 Responses to Trails of Cold Steel IV Camera Tweak

  1. Riito Torii says:

    Betting you’ll eventually deliver, I have been waiting before continuing past Act 1! Your tweak has been essential to me since CS1, so thank you for doing this once again!

    See you in Hajimari no Kiseki, whenever that may happen!

    P/S: Separating pitch from collision is godsend!

  2. La Yeya Osita says:

    I need help because it does not open, if it opens but not now and I have deactivated the activirus

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