Trails of Cold Steel III Camera Tweak

The Legend of Heroes ~Trails of Cold Steel III~
Camera Tweak Rev.A (EN & JP)
By AyuanX,  8 Aug 2020
(Supported Game Version: 1.05)

Hotkey                Effect

NUMPAD /            Unlock Camera Pitch
NUMPAD *            Unlock Camera Zoom
NUMPAD 5            Unlock Camera Altitude
Camera Zoom:       NUMPAD – / NUMPAD +
Camera Altitude:   NUMPAD 8 / NUMPAD 2


Video Demo:


About AyuanX

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8 Responses to Trails of Cold Steel III Camera Tweak

  1. TE says:

    Well done.

    Yet the game will update multiple times and I fear the fate of this mod will be to be abandoned like the ones you made for ToCS 1 and 2.

    “If you do a good deed, carry it through until the end.” -a local saying where I live

    The previous games will not get any new updates. I imagine it’d be safe to fix their tweaks now, and they will work forever.

  2. AyuanX says:


    Today a stranger invited me to a free meal, I said to him: “If you feed me one free meal, you should feed me through until the end of my life. Because that’s a local saying where I live”.

    The stranger said, “Sure, with pleasure!”

    I looked down and found a knife in my heart. You see, the stranger fulfilled my wish.

    • Epsilon says:

      I am stealing this little proverb – never heard this one before.

      I, like many, am silently appreciative of your work on these camera tweaks. With that said, I’m somewhat surprised you don’t have a patreon or a donation link of some sort – I’m not sure a lot of people would do a monthly subscription (since it looks like you only work on games you like or play,) but I’m sure more than a few people would throw coffee money your way.

  3. Rick says:

    Please pay no mind to what TE says, I and many others are very grateful for your help, you’re the only one who makes these, Thank you.

  4. nd says:

    ToCS IV is out <3 w8 your next camera tweak

    • Epsilon says:

      As I recall, they won’t be doing a new camera tweak for ~3-6 months at least – basically waiting for the patches to stabilize. Assuming one is done at all.

      I’d have to look back for it, but something to that effect was commented on a previous camera tweak.

  5. ardys9 says:

    is this still working?

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