Atelier Ryza ~Ever Darkness & the Secret Hideout~ Camera Tweak

Atelier Ryza ~Ever Darkness & the Secret Hideout~
Camera Tweak Rev.A
By AyuanX,  1 Apr 2020
(Supported Game Version:

Hotkey                Effect

NUMPAD /        Unlock Camera Zoom & Pitch
NUMPAD *        Unlock Photo Mode Zoom & Pitch
NUMPAD –       Unlock Camera Collision


Video Demo:


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13 Responses to Atelier Ryza ~Ever Darkness & the Secret Hideout~ Camera Tweak

  1. Deraf says:

    Please make one for Cold Steel 3 next.

  2. Marurasen says:

    with all respected, i (or we’re) glad that you’re back, AyuanX. thank you for silently support us, players with your awesome mod/tweak.
    however, i dont want to be rude or sound like an a** but if you would, please could you make a camtweak for Cold of Steel 3. pretty please.
    here is its info:

    • AyuanX says:

      I am not gonna do anything until the game is stable, as generally I don’t do version updates.
      For Falcom, they often need 3 – 6 months’ effort at least to produce a relatively stable version (usually even longer),

      • Marurasen says:

        First, i want to say thank you because, at least, you save your time to reply to our request.
        Second, it’s not like i didnt understand your point of view, instead, i have to agree that with falcom’s behaviour, the update is most likely will come though we cant afford to know when. But my point here is, right now, because of the Covid or quarantine, i have a lot of time to spend on gaming, but i cant say the same in the future, with my current job, i barely have time to spare on ToCS 3 anymore. So, if it’s not too much trouble for you, i’d like to re-request if you have spare time to make a tweak for ToCS 3. Thank you for your understanding, and trust me, no matter of the outcome of your decision, i’ll respect it.

      • Deraf says:

        The game is stable though.
        Everywhere I’ve seen people talk about the game all want a camera mod.
        Even in the cheatengine forums.

      • Masterofheadpats says:

        The port is really good this time, nowhere near NISA’s horrendous previous ports. I hope you reconsider.

      • Andira_Loops says:

        I’m actually perfectly fine with this. For CS1 and 2 there was at least 1 other update after you released the camera tweak. For CS3 it’s probably for the best in the long-run for your release to actually apply to the final important update that the game gets. I’ll be waiting patiently for it. Nice to have you back, and thank you for everything you do.

      • I see what you did there says:

        Completely understand you point about version updates. but this time is completely different then others. since this time they hired Durante (very skilled dude). he work with game before it even released and he already fix all game bugs (probably) .version 1.05 is indeed stable and completely clearable. in fact i play this on my i-3 4 gb toster. game is lag of course. but since it turn based game i dont care an still enjoy it. i would be surprized if they did any more updates.
        anyway i patiently wait you decision. and thank you for all other tweaks.

  3. ReVeLaTeD says:

    FYI: Windows Defender flags this 7z as hiding a Trojan (Trojan:Win32/Vigorf.A). It’s the only one I’ve come across that does.

  4. Super Cow says:

    I’m a total noob, how do you actually use this? I hear sounds when I press /, *, and -, but how do I actually zoom in, change the angles, etc.? I’m using FitGirl’s version of the game if that changes anything.

  5. SecurityResearcher says:

    This exe is a remote access tool:

    CRC32_poly_Constant – Look for CRC32 [poly]
    MD5_Constants – Look for MD5 constants
    RIPEMD160_Constants – Look for RIPEMD-160 constants
    SHA1_Constants – Look for SHA1 constants
    DebuggerCheck__QueryInfo – (no description)
    DebuggerHiding__Active – (no description)
    ThreadControl__Context – (no description)
    SEH__vectored – (no description)
    Check_OutputDebugStringA_iat – (no description)
    anti_dbg – Checks if being debugged
    antisb_threatExpert – Anti-Sandbox checks for ThreatExpert
    disable_dep – Bypass DEP
    inject_thread – Code injection with CreateRemoteThread in a remote process
    network_udp_sock – Communications over UDP network
    network_tcp_listen – Listen for incoming communication
    network_http – Communications over HTTP
    network_tcp_socket – Communications over RAW socket
    network_dns – Communications use DNS
    escalate_priv – Escalade priviledges
    screenshot – Take screenshot
    keylogger – Run a keylogger
    win_registry – Affect system registries
    win_token – Affect system token
    win_files_operation – Affect private profile
    win_hook – Affect hook table
    Str_Win32_Winsock2_Library – Match Winsock 2 API library declaration
    Str_Win32_Wininet_Library – Match Windows Inet API library declaration
    Str_Win32_Internet_API – Match Windows Inet API call
    Str_Win32_Http_API – Match Windows Http API call

  6. shanalove says:

    Hope the update for 1.07 comes out. It’s not working now QQ

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