Shining Resonance Refrain Camera Tweak

Shining Resonance Refrain Camera Tweak Rev.A
By AyuanX,  22 July 2018
(Supported Game Version: v1.00.1618)

Hotkey                 Effect

NUMPAD /          Unlock Camera Pitch
NUMPAD *         Unlock Camera Zoom
NUMPAD –         Camera Zoom In (When Unlocked)
NUMPAD +         Camera Zoom Out (When Unlocked)
(PS: Hold down SHIFT key for a boost when zooming)


Video Demo:


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2 Responses to Shining Resonance Refrain Camera Tweak

  1. sarcastic-sama says:

    Thanks for your amazing work!
    Would you consider making a Camera Tweak tool for Conception II (Steam) ?

  2. konata says:

    Link is dead!
    please reup

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