Trails of Cold Steel II Camera Tweak

The Legend of Heroes – Trails of Cold Steel II –
Camera Tweak (US & JP)
By AyuanX,  20 Feb 2018
(Supported Game Version: v1.1 & v1.2 & v1.3.1)

Hotkey                  Effect

NUMPAD /            Unlock Camera Pitch
NUMPAD –           Camera Distance – (Zoom-In mode)
NUMPAD +           Camera Distance + (Zoom-In mode)
NUMPAD *           Reset Camera Distance (Zoom-In mode)
(PS: Hold down SHIFT key for a boost when zooming)


Video Demo:

Download Rev.A (Supported Game Version v1.1):

Download Rev.B (Supported Game Version v1.2):

Download Rev.C (Supported Game Version v1.3.1):

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19 Responses to Trails of Cold Steel II Camera Tweak

  1. orbit says:

    crashes with new 1.2 release :( any tips on a fix?

  2. 7ups says:

    Truly doing god’s work, thanks.

  3. Fayne says:

    I love your work. If you can update to the game’s new version (1.3), I’d appreciate it.

  4. okinabe says:

    can you do camera zoom out or change camera position sir ?

  5. kakaw says:

    will you make lydie & suele?

  6. pacman says:

    Thanks for the mod, do you know of a way to disable the camera from turning when you move your character. I prefer free camera mod, where I have full control of the camera at all times. Thanks

  7. Kyoji Shirakani says:

    Any chance to upgrade this for 1.4 (final ver of the game)?

  8. Blurghish says:

    Hi! any chans for a update for the 1.4.1 patch?

  9. Scacha says:

    I know that you don’t work on this game anymore.
    Then would it be possible to tell us a way that we might be able to tweak this mod ourselves?
    I like the game, but I really am not a big fan of this camera movement, and I used yours before and I liked it very much.

  10. Jp Saint Ed says:

    Good work, thanks for all cam tweak you make on Falcom games. Are you planning to make one on The Legend of Heroes Trails of Cold Steel III too ?

  11. Ryse says:

    Thanks for this mod tho, i do hope you can continue do it for the 3rd game as well

  12. do any of these versions work with the current game version? thanks

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