Nights of Azure 2 Camera Tweak

Nights of Azure 2 – Bride of the New Moon –
Camera Tweak Rev.A (JAP/ENG/CHT)
By AyuanX,  5 Nov 2017
(Supported game version v1.0.0.0)

Hotkey                            Effect

F4  or  NUMPAD /          Unlock Camera Pitch
F5  or  NUMPAD *         Unlock Camera Zoom
F7  or  NUMPAD –         Zoom In (When Zoom is Unlocked)
F8  or  NUMPAD +         Zoom Out (When Zoom is Unlocked)
(PS: Hold down SHIFT key for a boost when zooming)


Video Demo:

Tool Download:


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1 Response to Nights of Azure 2 Camera Tweak

  1. Anon says:

    Hi, thanks a ot for all those patches, if there’s something I hate about console ports is how limited the camera control is.

    Are you planning to make a patch for Tokyo Xanadu eX+ ? Looks like it could be easy considering it’s mostly the same engine as ToCS :3 thanks again

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