Atelier Sophie Camera Tweak

Atelier Sophie Camera Tweak v1.0 & v1.1 & v1.2
By AyuanX,  27 Feb 2017
(Supported game version & & & &

Hotkey                Effect

NUMPAD /        Unlock Camera Pitch
(When unlocked, camera pitch is controlled by right analog stick; or numpad 2 and 8 if you use a keyboard.)

NUMPAD *        Unlock Camera Zoom
NUMPAD –        Zoom In (When Zoom is Unlocked)
NUMPAD +        Zoom Out (When Zoom is Unlocked)
(PS: Hold down SHIFT key for a boost when zooming.)


Video Demo:

v1.2 (supported game version: Download:

v1.1 (supported game version: Download:

v1.0 (supported game version: & Download :


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21 Responses to Atelier Sophie Camera Tweak

  1. kalid owaida says:

    will you make something for Nier ?!

  2. patcheroni says:

    Can you update this for 1.0.17?

  3. Can you make it work for ver. too?

  4. mamiya says:

    Atelier Lydie & Suelle please…

  5. mamiya says:

    I understand. Thank you very much!

  6. Park2 says:

    Any plans to update this for version Willing to wait

  7. kikki says:

    Ver1.0.0.21 please.

  8. 4b says:

    I made a version patch.
    Please merge this patch.
    Difference is the address offsets and the exe name.
    “Unlock Camera Pitch”
    db 00 00 C0 3F 00 00 C0 BF

    db F3 0F 10 0D 20 00 40 00

    db F3 0F 10 0D 24 00 40 00

    db F3 0F 10 8E D8 01 00 00

    db F3 0F 10 8E DC 01 00 00

    “Unlock Camera Zoom”
    db 00 00 C8 43

    db D9 05 28 00 40 00

    db D9 81 98 00 00 00


  9. pd says:

    In the meantime before the above patch gets merged in:

    You can rollback the version of the game using this tool:

    And follow this guide:

    But use the tool above instead of the console, because steam broke that recently. I needed to replace the old game files for it to not automatically select v1.0.21 on boot, but it’s working now. Thanks for the hard work!

  10. Stefan Zunk says:

    Could you make one for the new DX Version?

  11. Unamed 666 says:

    Can you add for DX version?

  12. kouhei hayasi says:

    Can you add for DX version?

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