Nights of Azure Camera Tweak

Night of Azure Camera Tweak v1.0
(Supports Game Version and
by AyuanX,  11 Feb 2017

Hotkey                Effect

NUMPAD *        Unlock Camera
(When unlocked, camera pitch is controlled by right analog stick; or numpad 2 and 8 if you use a keyboard.)

NUMPAD –        Zoom In (When Unlocked)
NUMPAD +        Zoom Out (When Unlocked)
(PS: Hold down SHIFT key for a boost when zooming.)


Video Demo:

Tool Download:


About AyuanX

Big Brother is watching you! Yes, you!
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7 Responses to Nights of Azure Camera Tweak

  1. tomo123 says:

    Thank you very much! Please make one for Atelier Sophie as well~

  2. sanhyakki says:

    thanks a lot, can you add more zoom in, it’s not close enough

  3. controlling camera with right analog stick is not working for me, numpad works tho

  4. CygwinSam says:

    Thank you for this camera mod but it doesn’t work for me anymore, can you please look into it? Also is there any way to donate to you AyuanX?

  5. Marcus-Beta says:

    Worked as a charm, this camera unlock is cool but isn’t what I’m searching, you can make possible change the camera speed? that shit is a pain in the ass to do a 180° move because of that speed.

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