Final Fantasy Type-0 HD PC Decryptor + Encryptor

Final Fantasy Type-0 HD PC Decryptor + Encryptor
By AyuanX, v1.0, 2015-09-14

Usage: FFType0HD_Cryptor.exe [-d] [-e] INPUT_FILE [OUTPUT_FILE]
-d                              (Decryption)
-e                              (Encryption)
OUTPUT_FILE     (Optional, can be omitted)

FFType0HD_Cryptor.exe -d EPSC01.hxmf
FFType0HD_Cryptor.exe -e TYPE0SYS.BIN

There are two kinds of files that are encrypted in FFType-0 HD PC:
A) All save data files (e.g. TYPE0SYS.BIN / TYPE0DAT.BIN)
They are meaningful binary files after decryption.

B) All pre-rendered movie files (e.g. *.hxmf)
They are standard MP4/H264 files after decryption.

This tool is capable to encrypt modified files back to the game.
This is a command-line tool.
Both x86 and x64 versions are provided.
Minimum operating system: Windows Vista and later, up to Windows 10.


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3 Responses to Final Fantasy Type-0 HD PC Decryptor + Encryptor

  1. kichigo says:


  2. guimsaga says:

    Hey. Someone know if is there any decryptor that can extract every 3D model in the game (i want the scenarios)? or if will be released one?… i have big knowledge with 3d but low knowledge about decryption…

  3. DDF says:

    Hello! Could you decrypt this file, please? It’s FFXIV Coil of Bahamut cutscene video file. Thanks in advance.

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