Final Fantasy XIII-2 PC Tweaker

Final Fantasy XIII-2 PC Tweaker
by AyuanX,  13 Dec 2014
Version 1.3

(Both Europe/America Edition [U] and Asia/Japan Edition [C] are supported.)

[Language Changer]
( Video Demo: )

1. To change all game texts, you must follow the rule below:
Run this tool and select desired language before executing the game.
2. Texts can be changed to European languages any time on the fly.
Yet, only texts reloaded by game will change to the chosen language.
3. Texts can be changed to Asian languages only before executing the game.
This limitation is due to incompatible encodings between Asian languages.
4. If you want to restart the game, you should restart this tool as well.
5. Once you can confirm the language is changed, it is safe to close this tool.

[DLC Redeemer]
( Video Demo: )

(These DLC are originally available but hidden on PC.)
(After you can confirm all DLC are redeemed, it is safe to close this tool.)
(To keep DLC, you must run this tool at least once whenever you play the game.)

Redeem All the Missing DLC on PC, including:

Serah’s Outfit: N7 Armor
Serah’s Outfit: Style and Steel
Serah’s Weapon: Seraphic Wing
Serah’s Weapon: Azrael
Serah’s Weapon: Genji Bow

Noel’s Outfit: N7 Armor
Noel’s Outfit: Assassin’s Creed
Noel’s Weapon: Catastrophe Blade
Noel’s Weapon: Muramasa

Accessory: Stiltzkin’s Diary
Accessory: Diva’s Microphone / Headphone
Accessory: Goddess’s Bangle / Earring

And even more …

[Camera Unlocker]
( Video Demo: )

Always Effective:

Num –         View Ascent
Num +        View Descent
Num 9        View Zoom+
Num 3        View Zoom-
Num 7        Bloom Balance+
Num 1        Bloom Balance-
Num *        Reset All The Above

Only Effecitve in Free Camera Mode:

Num 0     Free Camera ON/OFF
U              Free Camera Y+
M             Free Camera Y-
J               Free Camera X+
L              Free Camera X-
I               Free Camera Z+
K             Free Camera Z-
(Hold down SHIFT key to boost camera move)


v1.3 for original game:  Download1  or  Download2


  • This tool does NOT distribute a single byte of those DLC. They are literally contained in the original game which is distributed by Square Enix.
  • This tool doe NOT force the user to do anything. It is provided merely as a screwdriver. Whatever the user does with this tool, it is the user’s own will and responsibility.

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37 Responses to Final Fantasy XIII-2 PC Tweaker

  1. Shadow Maker says:

    AyuanX, wanted to speak about KIDS game unpacker, precisely PSP versions, which do not have english translation and this is why I wanted to try and implement there translations from PC. Just stumbled into files like BIP and T2P, maybe you have a clue, how to depack them? File where i suppose scripts are stored is this one: but your depacker do not open them.

  2. AyuanX says:

    Sorry, I don’t know much about PSP. Sadly It never intrigued me.

  3. eye0fstorms says:

    i get the error “Error:Failure determining what “ffxiii2img.exe”+56D480 means”

  4. AyuanX says:

    Updated, try v1.3. Hope it works.

  5. eye0fstorms says:

    no luck im afraid, i guess im just not destined to have the extra dlc lol

  6. disohjd says:

    sweet! any chance we could get a save editor like 360/ps3 have? unlock frag skills, give items,accessories all that.

  7. Dollmaster says:

    I think you should REALLY unlock and extract DLCs before Square-Enix launches a patch and block everything.

  8. kokina says:

    hi , thanks for the great Tools

    could you add Timestop/Hud toggle to the camera unlocker ?!!

  9. some guy says:

    Thank you, I can finally get rid of my PS3 copy. Do you have plans for Lightning Returns?

  10. kk says:


  11. goldenchocobo says:

    thanks for the tweaker
    but I wanna ask about this

    the outfit is just white only
    no texture
    how to use the DLC reedeemer?

  12. CyberMatrix says:

    Thank you so much, it really help ^^
    i scan it with virustotal and it clean ( cause first i think maybe this is a scam or esle )^^, but it amazing tool.

  13. Anubis says:

    Thanks, work perfec!!! You are the best of the best men!!!

  14. Rekka says:

    Can you provide new links to tool?

  15. AsterHal says:

    Does this include the story dlc and Coliseum Battles??

  16. Mikh says:

    Ayuan, would it be possible for you to add an option to unlocks the story DLC and coliseum battles without beating the game? It’s a stupid lock for people who are playing it the first time, but I’ve already beaten the PS3 version and there’s just no point to me replaying this if I can’t use Lightning in my party from episode 2…

  17. carlos says:

    Only the outfits show in the game, the inventory notify new itens but they dont are there.

  18. Robertus says:

    hey, thanks for the camera unlocker, it’s really nice!

    You planning to do one for doa5 last round too? the current camera mode is a bit limiting

  19. karner says:

    i can not open FFXIII2_Tweaker_v1.3, nothing happen when i click it, im running with win8.1 64bit..

  20. Richz says:

    Please RE-UPLOAD i can’t download it..

  21. cesarmanxt says:

    Upload it again please!!!

  22. Mario Vlatkovic says:

    Hey man, is it possible to allow us to make bigger zoom-in, so the camera is closer to character(here zoom is can’t go below 0 ), and let us place character slightly to the left or right? Thanks for this fantastic work.

  23. Roger says:

    Nice tool, really thanks. Is it possible unlock the camera limit in monster view? :D

  24. Bob says:

    no zoom in (negative value)?

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