Final Fantasy XIII PC Language Changer & Camera Unlocker

FFXIII PC Language Changer & Camera Unlocker
by AyuanX,  16 Oct 2014
Version 1.3

(Both Europe/America Edition [U] and Asia/Japan Edition [C] are supported.)

[Language Changer]
( Video Demo: )

1. To change all game texts, you must follow the rule below:
Run this tool and select desired language before executing the game.
2. Texts can be changed to European languages any time on the fly.
Yet, only texts reloaded by game will change to the chosen language.
3. Texts can be changed to Asian languages only before executing the game.
This limitation is due to incompatible encodings between Asian languages.
4. If you want to restart the game, you should restart this tool as well.
5. Once you can confirm the language is changed, it is safe to close this tool.

[Camera Unlocker]
( Video Demo: )

Always Effective:

Num –        View Ascent
Num +        View Descent
Num 9        Standing Zoom+
Num 3        Standing Zoom-
Num 7        Running Zoom+
Num 1        Running Zoom-

Only Effecitve in Free Camera Mode:

Num 0        Free Camera ON/OFF
U        Free Camera Y+
M        Free Camera Y-
L        Free Camera X+
J        Free Camera X-
I        Free Camera Z+
K        Free Camera Z-


v1.2 for original game:  Download1 or Download2

v1.3 for game update-2:  Download1 or Download2

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32 Responses to Final Fantasy XIII PC Language Changer & Camera Unlocker

  1. Evan says:

    Before the new patch, it worked very well and was really really helpful.
    But it’s not working anymore…:(
    Could you please update your Language changer for FF13?

    If you do so, many people will be very happy.
    Thank you.

  2. NexusWars says:

    Hi, there!
    It seems like language changer is not working anymore after patch… :(
    It would be awesome if you could update it and and would be more awesome if you could please make one for the XIII-2 which was just release today!
    Thank you so much for your hard work! :)

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  4. Olive16 says:

    Hi, none of the download links are working. Could you please update them, or give another way to change the text language? I am not sure if changing the language in the steam.ini will work like it does for other games.

  5. Enot says:

    Hello! Can u make same tool for 13-3 ?

  6. Loyangan Khwairakpam says:

    How do you open the tool while on game?

  7. Alep says:

    Exist a Valid Ligthing Retuns Lenguage Changer tool somewhere too?

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  9. Eye Fet Love says:

    FINAL FANTASY XIII-2 Language change possible ?

  10. Kristo says:

    Yes…the link still work BUT nothing in Zip file?

  11. lockie00 says:

    Link is down, could you please reup version 3?

  12. PugsLife says:

    Thank you for this tool.
    I downloaded v1.3 one(latest one), and I tried to use it.
    But I get this message “Insufficient system resources exist to complete the requested service.”
    Is there any idea to solve this?
    Thank you.

  13. I was told that it was a dangerous file, but is it OK to DL?

  14. A Human says:

    Both of the one drive links are down and the media fire link for 11.3 says the file is dangerous and won’t let you download it.

  15. PetitFrogMilk says:

    Sadly with the new update of mediafire even with the trick to get past the dangerous link we cant download it and the last version is the one i needed. :< Is there a great comrade who got a solution pls?

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