Swap Fn Key with Win Key on MSI Laptop

It really annoyed me that MSI had made such a keyboard layout by putting Fn key to the location where it is supposed to be reserved for L-Win key.


MSI failed to notice one simple fact that L-Win key should be kept on the left for a reason. Because most Windows related hotkeys are deliberately defined on the left half keyboard, so that you can press them single-handedly! Such as Win+TAB, Win+Q, Win+W, Win+E, Win+R, Win+T, Win+D, Win+F, Win+X, Win+C, Win+V, etc. Yet MSI claims “MSI recommends Windows 8”?! How amusing! How does MSI suppose people to press those obviously left-hand-biased hotkeys single-handedly?

Since MSI has failed to deliver a good design, I have to salvage this silly keyboard layout by myself. So here I present you the modded firmware for MSI-1758 Laptop (CX70/CR70), which relocates Fn Key and Win Key back to their standard locations (Win Key back to the left, Fn Key back to the right).

WARNING: This mod is NOT intended for noobs and you are at your own risk updating firmware! (If you don’t even know how to update firmware then don’t try this mod!)

互換 MSI 筆記本鍵盤上的 Fn 鍵和 Win 鍵

MSI 設計的這個筆記本鍵盤佈局真是很讓人生氣,非要把 Fn 鍵放到原本是預留給 L-Win 鍵的位置上。


MSI 根本沒有意識到 L-Win 鍵之所以應該固定在左手邊是有道理的。因爲幾乎大部分和 Windows 有關的快捷鍵都被特意設定在鍵盤的左手邊,從而讓人們能夠輕鬆地單手操作。比如 Win+TAB, Win+Q, Win+W, Win+E, Win+R, Win+T, Win+D, Win+F, Win+X, Win+C, Win+V 等等。就這樣 MSI 還好意思標榜所謂的“MSI 推薦使用 Windows 8”?!真是笑死人了!不知道 MSI 究竟要讓人怎樣來按這些明顯具有左手單手操作傾向的快捷鍵啊?

由於 MSI 可恥地在鍵盤設計的合理性上失敗了,所以我祇好親自操刀來拯救這個糟糕的鍵盤佈局。所以這裡我提供一個特意爲 MSI-1758 筆記本電腦 (CX70/CR70) 修改過的固件,可以將 Fn 鍵和 Win 鍵互換,改回它們各自原本應該所處的位置(Win 鍵放回左邊,Fn 鍵放回右邊)。



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4 Responses to Swap Fn Key with Win Key on MSI Laptop

  1. Tim says:

    This is very handy. However, the link is down, can you please re-upload?

  2. Martijn van der Zande says:

    Thanks for this, it was not a very nice surprise when i found this out :P Works great now.

  3. jack says:

    Hi, could you teach me, how to modify firmware,
    My computer is MSI-1771 GS70-2OD
    firmware is http://download.msi.com/archive/frm_exe/1771EMS1.509.zip.
    Thank you very much.

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