gARD (Generic Applier & Reverter for Diff)

Last Updated: 2013-03-16
Latest Version: V1.0 Build 130316

gARD (Generic Applier & Reverter for Diff)
它支持常見DIFF工具產生的16進制DIFF文件格式。(例如:IDA、WinHex 等等)

1. 支持正向打補丁以及逆向還原補丁
2. 智能語法檢查,兼容絕大多數16進制DIFF格式
3. 正向和逆向均可生成多達10個備份,具有自動命名機制
4. 強制補丁模式可跳過原文件對比檢查
5. 支持文件拖拽,也可通過瀏覽選擇文件,或者輸入文件路徑名
6. 打補丁全程安全,在實施補丁前會檢查所有可能的錯誤
7. 即時顯示狀態日誌信息
8. 同時提供32位可執行程序和64位可執行程序
9. 無需安裝,不依賴額外的鏈接庫,小巧快速,程序僅一個 EXE(50KB)

Generic Applier & Reverter for Diff (a.k.a. gARD)

Version 1.0

by AyuanX

gARD is a generic diff patcher compatible to hex diff formats generated by common hex diff tools.
(e.g. IDA / WinHex / etc.)

<> Features:

1. Apply as well as revert patches based on hex diff input
2. Intelligent syntax checking compatible to most hex diff formats
3. Create backups up to 10 with automatic renaming for apply (.bak->.bak9) and revert (.old->.old9)
4. Force patching mode to skip original file matching
5. Support drag and drop files, or by browsing, or by typing the full path and name
6. Patching process is always safe. All possible errors are checked in dry run before patching
7. Comprehensive output log on display
8. Available in both 32-bit native executable and 64-bit native executable
9. Totally portable, no extra DLL dependency. Small and fast, only 1 EXE (50KB)

<> Diff Syntax:

The following is an example of supported diff syntax (but not limited to).

// This is a comment.
	; This is another comment with preceding blanks
    # Actually you can use any symbol as a commenter at the beginning of a line (ignore preceding blanks)
    Even this is a legit comment, as long as the first word is not ambiguous to a hex number
Filename.exe  PS: This whole line is treated as legit comment since the fist word is not a hex number

0x1C7A9   7A    8B              // Legit diff line, "0x" prefix is optional
    0001C7A9: 7A -> 8B          ; This works too, a few symbols in the middle don't hurt
        1c7a9:  7A to 0x8b      Even this line can work with mixture of cases, symbols and words

// Remember the format must be "[ADDRESS][delimiter][OLD_BYTE][delimiter][NEW_BYTE]"!
// Only one byte to patch in each line, and all numbers are always treated as hex!

<> Update Logs:

# V1.0 Build 121206
Initial Release

<> Current Issues:

1. Supported maximum file size is 2GB.


Screenshot: (from v1.0)


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