Guide: How to install Windows 7 from a USB device

Guide: How to install Windows 7 from a USB device

In fact you don’t need any optical DVD disc or any optical DVD drive to install Windows 7. All you need is a USB storage device. One prominent advantage of installing Windows 7 from a USB device is that it is ultra fast!

1. Get yourself a USB device, and make sure it has at least 4GB free space. It can be either a USB flash disk or a USB hard drive.

2. If the USB device is not formatted, format it to NTFS. If it is already formatted (NTFS or FAT32) and may also contain other files, it is fine, you can just skip this step.

3. Copy all files from your Windows 7 DVD to the USB device. If it is a Windows 7 disc image, extract all files from the image to the USB device by any tool you like.

4. Connect your USB device to any previously installed Windows system (2000/XP/VISTA/7). Assuming the USB device is assigned to drive letter X:, type the following commands in a CMD prompt window:

copy X:\boot\bootsect.exe C:\
C:\bootsect.exe /nt60 /mbr X:
del C:\bootsect.exe

Then review the output message to make sure everything is successful.

5. Plug your USB device into a USB1.1/2.0 port on the PC where you want to install Windows 7. (This is important! Because Windows 7 installation program can not recognize USB3.0 port, and the installation will fail if you plug your USB device into a USB3.0 port.)

6.  Make sure next time you will boot from the USB device. (You can either change the boot order of USB device to the first in BIOS, or by temporarily pressing F12 key when booting to bring up the boot device selection menu.)

7. Reboot your PC from the USB device. Volia, Windows 7 installation screen welcomes you!

教程:如何從USB存儲設備來安裝Windows 7

實際上你完全無需任何光盤或者光驅就可以全新安裝或者升級安裝Windows 7,條件是只要你手上有隨便一個USB存儲設備即可。從USB存儲設備來安裝Windows 7的一個極為突出的優點就是安裝過程簡直比飛還要快!

1. 確定你的USB存儲設備上至少還有4GB以上的剩余空間。這個USB存儲設備可以是一個U盤或者是一個USB移動硬盤。

2. 如果這個USB存儲設備還沒有格式化,那么就將其格式化為NTFS。如果這個USB存儲設備之前已經格式化好了,或者上面還存儲有其他文件,那么也不影響,直接跳過這步即可。

3. 從你的Windows 7光盤上拷貝所有文件到這個USB存儲設備上。如果是一個Windows 7的光盤鏡像也可以,只需用你喜歡的任何工具將鏡像內的所有文件提取到這個USB存儲設備上。

4. 將這個USB存儲設備連接到隨便一台已經裝好Window系統的電腦上(2K/XP/VISTA/7),假設該USB存儲設備的盤符是X:,在命令提示符窗口內敲入下面的命令:

copy X:\boot\bootsect.exe C:\
C:\bootsect.exe /nt60 /mbr X:
del C:\bootsect.exe


5. 將該USB存儲設備插入你想要安裝Windows 7的機器的USB1.1/2.0端口上。(這很重要!因為Windows 7安裝程序不能正確識別USB3.0端口,如果插到USB3.0端口上將導致安裝失敗。)

6. 確保這台機器下次將會從USB設備啟動。(你可以通過在BIOS里將USB設備改為首選啟動設備來實現,或者也可以通過在機器啟動過程中臨時按F12鍵調出啟動設備選擇菜單來實現從USB啟動。)

7. 重啟機器使之從USB設備引導。之后,你將看見Windows 7的安裝歡迎畫面。

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