Voc10K: Lesson 18

Men unabashedly use women as a means of advancement. Women who had nothing else to offer gave their beauty, and that is probably the origin of the proverb that says that the most beautiful girl in the world can give only what she has. (Que la plus belle fille du monde ne peut donner que ce qu’elle a.) Those who were rich also gave part of their money; many a hero in that gallant age would not have won his spurs, and later his battles, if it had not been for the well-filled purse that his mistress tied to his saddlebow.
— “The Three Musketeers”

anesthetic    /aen%es’thetik/    n.
cavern    /’kev%en/    cn.
chisel    /’chizl/    vt. cn.
gruel    /’gru%el/    un.
soot    /sut/    un.
beacon    /’bi:k%en/    cn.
coroner    /’kor%en%e/    cn.
graft    /gra:ft/    vt. cn.
impersonal    /im’p%e:s%enl/    adj.
loom    /lu:m/    vi.
peal    /pi:l/    cn. v.
auditorium    /o:di’to:ri%em/    n.
roundup    /’raund%vp/    n.
straggle    /’straegl/    vi.
roam    /roum/    v.
ulterior    /%vl’ti%eri%e/    adj.
calligraphy    /k%e’ligr%efi/    n.
cope    /koup/    vi.    (+with)
pickle    /’pikl/    v. n.
hustle    /’h%vsl/    n. v.
bustle    /’b%vsl/    n. v.
jostle    /’dgosl/    n. v.
plight    /plait/    cn.
predicament    /pri’dik%em%ent/    cn.
scoff    /skof/    cn. vi.    (+at)
vulture    /’v%vlch%e/    cn.
chrysanthemum    /kri’saenth%em%em/    cn.
ingratiate    /in’greishieit/    vt.    (~ oneself with sb.)
munition    /mju:’nish%en/    cn.
smoulder    /’smould%e/    n. vi.
hail    /heil/    n. v.
bugle    /’bju:gl/    cn. v.
wield    /wi:ld/    vt.
allude    /%e’lu:d/    vi.    (~ to sth.)
insinuate    /in’sinjueit/    v.
cricket    /’krikit/    cn.
chirp    /ch%e:p/    n. vi.
flit    /flit/    n. vi.
domineer    /domi’ni%e/    v.
tributary    /’tribjut%eri/    cn.
rescind    /ri’sind/    vt.
undo    /%vn’du:/    vt.    (undoes, undid, undone)
belabour    /bi’leib%e/    vt.
thrash    /thraesh/    vt.
circumference    /s%e’k%vmf%er%ens/    n.
devolve    /di’volv/    vt. vi.
honk    /honk/    n. v.
levy    /’levi/    cn. vt.
sprawl    /spro:l/    n. vi.
trudge    /tr%vdg/    vi.    (+through/along)
trout    /traut/    cn.

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