gACT (gibberish Asian Character Translator)

Last Updated:  2021-07-06
Latest Version:  V2.1 Build 210706

gACT (gibberish Asian Character Translator)

1. 支持簡體中文、繁體中文、日文、韓文四種編碼之間的任意轉換
2. 支持從文件讀入或者直接從剪貼板讀入
3. 支持即時編輯,所見即所得
4. 支持將轉換后的內容保存到文件或者複製到剪貼板
6. 支持 UNICODE 逆向溯源轉碼模式,可以處理特殊的亂碼
7. 無需安裝,不依賴額外的鏈接庫
8. 同時提供32位可執行文件和64位可執行文件
9. 小巧快速,程序僅一個EXE(50KB)

gibberish Asian Character Translator (a.k.a. gACT)
Version 2.1

by AyuanX

<> Features:
1. Support text encoding translation between Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Japanese, and Korean
2. Support reading from file and reading from clipboard
3. Support immidiate editing, what you see is what you get
4. Support saving translated text to disk and copying to clipboard
5. Support saving file in encoding of Unicode(UTF-16), UTF-8, GBK, BIG5, SHIFT-JIS, EUC-KR.
6. Support retro unicode translation mode
7. Totally portable, no extra DLL dependency
8. Available in both 32-bit native executable and 64-bit native executable.
9. Small and fast, only 1 EXE (50KB)

<> Instruction Manual:
Step 1: Open a gibberish text file or Paste the gibberish characters from system clipboard.
Step 2: Choose the expected language to translate those giberrish characters. If you are not sure, you can try all 4 languages one by one.
Step 3: If gibberish still remains, change “Internal Non-Unicode Code Page” in “Options” and try again.
Step 4: If all above doesn’t work, toggle “Retro Unicode Mode” and retry from Step 2.

<> Tips:
1. Choose corresponding fonts for respective languages.
2. Disable Real Time Translation when editing a huge file.
PS: Characters failed in translation are always replaced by ‘?’.

<> Update Logs:
# V2.1 Build 210706
Fix an issue of converting half width Japanese characters

# V2.0 Build 121126
1. Dedicated 32-bit and 64-bit executables
2. New option to change internal Non-Unicode Code Page
3. New function to save file in Unicode/UTF-8/GBK/SHIFT-JIS/EUC-KR
4. Check and replace Null Termination when making best effort to load binary file
5. Extended editing features
6. Find and Replace functions
7. Font selection
8. Mirror Scrolling switch
9. Real Time Translation switch

# V1.2 Build 110203
Add Retro Unicode Translation Mode to handle more complicated gibberish.
Example 1: In Retro Unicode Mode, gibberish of “稛岆栳尨蚚腔瞰恅” can be correctly translated to legible characters of “這是演示用的例文”.
Example 2: In Retro unicode Mode, gibberish of “仇木反犯乒蚚及瞰恅匹允” can be correctly translated to legible characters of “これはデモ用の例文です”.

# V1.1 Build 110105
1. Drag-and-Drop to open file supported
2. UTF8 encoding supported (it doesn’t make too much sense though)
3. Error handling

# V1.0 Build 110102
Initial Release

<> Current Issues:
1. Mirror Scrolling doesn’t work properly when scrolling a huge file, due to 16bit scrollthumb position.

1. Be careful with “New”, as it clears existing contents without confirmation!
2. Be careful with “Overwrite Save”, as it overwrites original file without confirmation!


Screenshots:(from v1.1)


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