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Lite Tab Page : A Tab Page extension plugin

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This is a simple plugin, which makes VIM Tab Page functions more user-friendly.
Use the built-in Tab Pages of VIM 7.0 to replace “TabBar / BufferExplorer / MiniExplorer”, no multi-window conflicts/issues any more!

1. “:E filename”         Open the file in a new tab page instead of in current window.
2. “<Alt-1>, <Alt-2> to <Alt-0>” Switch to tab page 1/2/3/4/5/6/7/8/9/10.
3. “<Alt-h> / <Alt-l>”         Switch to previous/next tab page.
4. “<Alt-H> / <Alt-L>”         Move current tab page left/right.
5. Show GUI Tab Labels in format: “[Tab Number]:[+][Buffer Name]”
PS: [+] stands for one or more buffer in that tab page has been modified.

You are always encouraged to modify this plugin freely to suit your own needs!

install details
Simply put “LiteTabPage.vim” into path “~/.vim/plugin/” (unix) or “$VIM/vimfiles/plugin/” (windows).


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