Voc10K: Lesson 16

Certainly there is no hunting like the hunting of man and those who have hunted armed men long enough and liked it, never really care for anything else thereafter. You will meet them doing various things with resolve, but their interest rarely holds because after the other thing ordinary life is as flat as the taste of wine when the taste buds have been burned off your tongue. Wine, when your tongue has been burned clean with lye and water, feels like puddle water in your mouth, while mustard feels like axle-grease, and you can smell crisp, fried bacon, but when you taste it, there is only a feeling of crinkly lard.
— “On The Blue Water”, by Ernest Hemingway

adversity    /aed’v%e:siti/    n.
adversary    /’aedv%es%eri/    cn.
blister    /’blist%e/    cn.
clatter    /’klaet%e/    n.v.
gash    /gaesh/    cn.v.
incise    /in’saiz/    vi.
incision    /in’sirgn/    cn.
impunity    /im’pju:niti/    n.
manure    /m%e’nju%e/    n.v.
tenure    /’tenj%e/    n.
pore    /po:/    cn.
porous    /’po:r%es/    adj.
shack    /shaek/    cn.
twitch    /twich/    vt.
armistice    /’a:mistis/    n.
truce    /tru:s/    n.
breach    /bri:ch/    cn.vt.
comity    /’komiti/    cn.
civility    /si’viliti/    n.
dungeon    /’d%vndg%en/    cn.
gregarious    /gri’ge%eri%es/    adj.
incur    /in’k%e:/    vt.
patent    /’peit%ent/    cn.
sip    /sip/    vt.
sulfur    /’s%vlf%e/    n.
upsurge    /’%vps%e:dg/    n.
austere    /os’ti%e/    adj.
stern    /st%e:n/    adj.
bouquet    /’bukei/    cn.
atoll    /’aetol/    n.
lagoon    /l%e’gu:n/    n.
interject    /int%e’dgekt/    v.
interpose    /int%e’pouz/    vt.
fungus    /’f%vng%es/    cn.    (pl. fungi/funguses)
toadstool    /’toudstul/    cn.
raft    /ra:ft/    cn.
smear    /smi%e/    vt.
soot    /sut/    n.
taper    /’teip%e/    vi.
barometer    /b%e’romit%e/    cn.
atmospheric    /aetm%es’ferik/    adj.
coxcomb    /’kokskoum/    cn.
dandy    /’daendi/    adj.cn.
fop    /fop/    cn.
foliage    /’fouliidg/    n.
luxuriant    /l%eg’rgu%eri%ent/    adj.
hegira    /’hedgir%e/    n.
lair    /le%e/    cn.
reservoir    /’rez%evwa:/    cn.
sod    /sod/    un.
turf    /t%e:f/    n.
rake    /reik/    vt.
warehouse    /’we%ehaus/    cn.
depository    /di’pozit%eri/    cn.
salmon    /’saem%en/    cn.
eel    /il/    cn.
spawn    /spo:n/    n.vi.
hiccup    /’hik%vp/    cn.
belch    /belch/    vt.n.
eructate    /i’r%vkteit/    vt.
chore    /cho:/    cn.
crimson    /’krimzn/    adj.
fugitive    /’fju:dgitiv/    adj.cn.
horde    /ho:d/    cn.
swarm    /swo:m/    cn.
linguist    /’lingwist/    cn.
petroleum    /p%e’trouli%em/    un.
diesel    /’di:zl/    un.
rumple    /’r%vmpl/    vt.
crumple    /’kr%vmpl/    vt.
sneeze    /sni:z/    vi.cn.
twine    /twain/    vt.
whirr    /w%e:/    vi.
limbo    /’limbou/    n.

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