Voc10K: Lesson 14

She bowed again to her flowers at his censure of her praise. He watched her crouching, sipping the flowers with fervid kisses.
“Why must you always be fondling things?” he said irritably.
“But I love to touch them,” she replied, hurt.
“Can you never like things without clutching them as if you wanted to pull the heart out of them? Why don’t you have a bit more restraint, or reserve, or something?”
She looked up at him full of pain, then continued slowly to stroke her lips against a ruffled flower. Their scent, as she smelled it, was so much kinder than he; it almost made her cry.
“You wheedle the soul out of things,” he said. “I would never wheedle–at any rate, I’d go straight.”
He scarcely knew what he was saying. These things came from him mechanically. She looked at him. His body seemed one weapon, firm and hard against her.
— “Sons and Lovers”, by D. H. Lawrence

assiduous    /%e’sidju%es/    adj.
assiduity    /aesi’dju:iti/    cn.
conspire    /k%en’spai%e/    vi.
conspiracy    /k%en’spir%esi/    cn.
elusive    /i’lu:siv/    adj.
elusion    /i’lu:rgn/    n.
gaudy    /’go:di/    adj.
wharf    /wo:f/    cn.    (pl. wharves)
respire    /ri’spai%e/    vi.
repiration    /resp%e’reishn/    cn.
respiratory    /’resp%er%etori/    adj.
unanimous    /ju:’naenim%es/    adj.
unanimity    /ju:n%e’nimiti/    n.
banal    /b%e’na:l/    adj.
banality    /b%e’naeliti/    cn.
trite    /trait/    adj.
curative    /’kju%er%etiv/    adj.
remedial    /ri’mi:di%el/    adj.
hypocrite    /’hip%ekrit/    cn.
hypocrisy    /hi’pokrisi/    n.
hypocritical    /hipou’kritikl/    adj.
intercept    /int%e’sept/    vt.
persecute    /’p%e:sikju:t/    vt.
sarcasm    /’sa:kaez%em/    n.
sarcastic    /sa:kaestik/    adj.
superfluous    /sju:’p%e:flu%es/    adj.
superfluity    /sju:p%e’flu%eti/    cn.
vindicate    /’vindikeit/    vt.
vindication    /vindi’keishn/    n.
chivalry    /’shivlri/    n.
chivalrous    /’shivlr%es/    adj.
exemplify    /ig’zemplifai/    vt.
exemplification    /igzemplifi’keishn/    cn.
impend    /im’pend/    vi.
impending    /im’pending/    adj.
prophecy    /’prof%esi/    cn.
prophesy    /’prof%esai/    vt.
sensuous    /’sensju%es/    adj.
sensuousness    /’sensju%esnis/    n.
perceive    /p%e’siv/    vt.
tact    /taekt/    n.
tactful    /taektful/    adj.
vindictive    /vin’diktiv/    adj.
appendix    /%e’pendiks/    cn.    (pl. appendices /%e’pend%esi:z/)
communal    /k%e’mju:nl/    adj.
communalize    /’k%emju:n%elaiz/    vt.
ecology    /’i:kol%edgi/    n.
ecological    /i:k%e’lodgikl/    adj.
forbear    /fo:’be%e/    vt.    (forbore, forborn)
forbearance    /fo:’be%er%ens/    n.
mediocre    /mi:di’ouk%e/    adj.
mediocrity    /mi:di’okriti/    n.
rehearse    /ri’h%e:s/    vt.
rehearsal    /ri’h%e:sl/    cn.
transient    /’traenzi%ent/    adj.
transitory    /’traensit%eri/    adj.
transiency    /’traenzi%ensi/    n.

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