[PS2] Final Fantasy X (International) Cheat Code



gametitle=Final Fantasy X International (最终幻想X国际版)
comment=FFX AP+Gil+Capture+Minigame cheat

// 每次战斗后得到无限的AP

// 每次战斗后得到无限的金钱

// 每成功捕获一种怪物后,其数量自动变为10只(当使用捕获武器时)

// *** 下面是迷你游戏的作弊码,默认设为“关闭”状态
// *** 请仅仅在玩对应的迷你游戏时打开,其他时候请关闭
// *** (打开方法:在模拟器中把“PlaceToPatch”从 0 改为 1)

// 迷你游戏:陆行鸟训练计时器锁定为零

// 迷你游戏:连续避雷200次

// 迷你游戏:无限的捉蝴蝶时间
// (警告: 仅当计时器开始计时后才能打开本作弊码,否则人物将无法移动!
//  此外,当7只蝴蝶全部捉住后必须关闭本作弊码,否则迷你游戏将无法结束!)
patch=0,EE,00bbfe68,short,0000005a    // 第一轮捉蝴蝶,地点在森林南部
patch=0,EE,00ba2cf8,short,0000005a    // 第二轮捉蝴蝶,地点在森林北部

Here are some handy cheat code for Play Station 2 game: Final Fantasy X (International). They can do you great help with the 3 really annoying minigames, which I believe have driven thousands of people crazy. :DDD

They can be directly used with PCSX2 emulator. Just copy the following contents (in blue) into “658597e2.pnach” file (located in folder “PCSX2/patches/”).

gametitle=Final Fantasy X International
comment=FFX AP+Gil+Capture+Minigame cheat

// Obtain infinite AP after each battle

// Obtain infinite Gil after each battle

// Obtain 10 monsters for each capture (with capture weapon)

// *** The following minigame cheats are set to OFF by default
// *** Turn them ON manually only when necessary
// *** (To turn on: changing “PlaceToPatch” from 0 to 1) in emulator

// Minigame: Freeze timer in Chocobo training

// Minigame: Dodge thunderbolt for 200 times

// Minigame: Infinite butterfly catch time
// (WARNING: you should NOT turn them on until the timer starts to tick!
//  And remember to turn them off after having caught all 7 butterflies!)
patch=0,EE,00bbfe68,short,0000005a    // first round, in south forest
patch=0,EE,00ba2cf8,short,0000005a    // second round, in north forest

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2 Responses to [PS2] Final Fantasy X (International) Cheat Code

  1. Fierce01 says:

    EHH can you please write down more working codes cause every code i try fails besides yours :D pls or if you can give me a website were the codes actualy work

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