Voc10K: Lesson 8

I grew so thin during these years that no one would have recognized me on the streets of Gion. Some days the Arashinos’ little grandson, Juntaro, cried from hunger–which is when Mr. Arashino usually decided to sell a kimono from his collection. This was what we Japanese called the "onion life"–peeling away a layer at a time and crying all the while.
In truth, though, I could scarcely see Gion at all as I strolled through it; I saw instead only my ghostly memories.
In all of these spots, I felt I was standing on a stage many hours after the dance had ended, when the silence lay as heavily upon the empty theater as a blanket of snow. I went to our okiya and stared with longing at the heavy iron padlock on the door. When I was locked in, I wanted to be out. Now life had changed so much that, finding myself locked out, I wanted to be inside again. And yet I was a grown woman–free, if I wished, to stroll out of Gion at that very moment and never come back.
                                     — "Memoirs of a Geisha", by Arthur Golden

bleak    /bli:k/    adj.
castigate    /’kaestigeit/    v.
enmity    /’enmiti/    cn.
animosity    /aeni’mositi/    cn.
impartial    /im’pa:sh%el/    adj.
impartiality    /’impa:shi’aeliti/    n.
lucid    /’lu:sid/    adj.
obscure    /ob’skju%e/    adj.v.
perpendicular    /p%e:p%en’dikjul%e/    adj.n.
retrospect    /’retrouspekt/    n.v.
sagacity    /s%e’gaesiti/    n.
shrewdness    /shru:dnis/    n.
folly    /foli/    cn.
urbane    /%e:bein/    adj.
courteous    /’k%e:ti%es/    adj.
ardent    /’a:d%ent/    adj.
zeal    /zi:l/    n.
derogatory    /di’rog%et%eri/    adj.
disparage    /di’spaeridg/    vt.
belittle    /bi’litl/    vt.
discretion    /di’skresh%en/    n.    (at ~)
hilarious    /hi’laeri%es/    adj.
paramount    /’paer%emaunt/    adj.
mediocre    /mi:di’ouk%e/    adj.
rife    /raif/    adj.
prevalent    /’prev%el%ent/    adj.
spontaneous    /spon’teinj%es/    adj.
tenuous    /’tenju%es/    adj.
acme    /’aekmi/    n.
culmination    /k%vlmi’neishn/    n.
candor    /’kaend%e/    n.    (candour)
feint    /feint/    n.v.
dissuade    /di’sweid/    vt.    (~ from doing)
gratuitous    /gr%e’tju:it%es/    adj.
impeach    /im’pi:ch/    vt.
ostensible    /os’tens%ebl/    adj.
paltry    /po:ltri/    adj.
sordid    /’so:did/    adj.
umpire    /’%vmpai%e/    cn.v.
aloof    /%e’lu:f/    adv.
aloft    /%e’loft/    adv.
drab    /draeb/    adj.
feud    /fju:d/    n.
insolent    /’ins%el%ent/    adj.
impudent    /’impjud%ent/    adj.
mitigate    /mitigeit/    vt.
aggravate    /aegr%eveit/    vt.
pertinent    /’p%e:tin%ent/    adj.
predecessor    /’predises%e/    cn.
successor    /s%ek’ses%e/    cn.
tardy    /’ta:di/    adj.    (+for)
prompt    /prompt/    adj.cn.vt.
dilatory    /dil%et%eri/    adj.
whet    /wet/    vt.n.    (pp. whetted)
quell    /kwel/    vt.
acquit    /%e’kwit/    vt.    (+of    pp. acquitted)
inculpate    /in’k%vlpeit/    vt.
brittle    /’britl/    adj.
frail    /freil/    adj.
detract    /di’traekt/    vi.    (+from)
derogate    /der%egeit/    v.
depreciate    /di’pri:shieit/    vt.
extirpate    /’ekst%e:peit/    vt.
indulgent    /in’d%vldg%ent/    adj.    (+with)
mendacious    /men’deish%es/    adj.
woe    /wou/    n.
sanction    /’saenksh%en/    n.v.
superficial    /su:p%e’fishl/    adj.
brim    /brim/    n.
adulthood    /%e’d%vlthud/    n.
contemptuous    /k%en’temptju%es/    adj.
derivative    /di’riv%etiv/    adj.
persecution    /p%e:si’kju:shn/    n.
appetizer    /’aepitaiz%e/    n.
palate    /’paelit/    n.
palette    /’paelit/    n.
bestow    /bi’stou/    v.

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