1. 使用 WiiScrubber 从游戏镜像中提取出文件 main.dol
2. 对提取出的 main.dol 打补丁
3. 通过 WiiScrubber 将已打好补丁的 main.dol 替换掉游戏镜像中的原文件
4. 运行模拟器 Dolphin 进行游戏

<< [Wii][Oboro Muramasa: The Demon Blade][JAP] >>
Game Ending-Pond-Scene-Hang-Up Hack for Emulator Dolphin

Yet due to the imperfection of emulator Dolphin, Wii game “Oboro Muramasa: The Demon Blade (JAP)” will hang up at the ending pond scene.
This hack helps skipping the monologue of the pond scene to make the game move on.
This hack will modify the game ISO, so remember to keep backup for yourself.

How to use this hack: Refer to the program itself.

Download Link:
Alternative Download Link:

[An Alternative Solution]
Or you can try this memory patch, which should be more convenient than the above disk patch.
Open the config file of “{DOLPHIN_EMU}/User/GameConfig/RSFJ99.ini”, add the red lines into the file and save.
Now start the game and enjoy.

[Core] Values set here will override the main dolphin settings.
[EmuState] The Emulation State. 1 is worst, 5 is best, 0 is not set.
EmulationStateId = 0
EmulationIssues =
[OnFrame] Add memory patches to be applied every frame here.
+$<Pond Scene Hangup Hack>

[ActionReplay] Add action replay cheats here.


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