Voc10K: Lesson 5

"Why does it look so beautiful?" Over them the Occupations of Uninhabited Space hung, dim; out the window the full Moon hung, brilliant. "When we know that it’s a planet just like this one, only with a better climate and worse people–when we know they’re all propertarians, and fight wars, and make laws, and eat while others starve, and anyhow are all getting older and having bad luck and getting rheumatic knees and corns on their toes just like people here… when we know all that, why does it still look so happy–as if life there must be so happy?"
"If you can see a thing whole," he said, "it seems that it’s always beautiful. Planets, lives…. But close up, a world’s all dirt and rocks. And day to day, life’s a hard job, you get tired, you lose the pattern. You need distance, interval. The way to see how beautiful life is, is from the vantage point of death."
                                     — "The Dispossessed", by Ursula K. Le Guin

admonish /’aedmonish/ v. ~ to do
bide /baid/ v.
condone /k^en’doun/ v.
designate /’dezigneit/ v. ~ sb. to do sth.
fend /e/ v. +for
hardy /a:/ adj.
limber /’limb^e/ adj.v.
supple /’s^vpl/ adj.
philanthropy /fi’laethr^epi/ n.
benevolence /bi’nev^el^ens/ n.
recollect /rek^e’lekt/ v.
smite /smait/ v. (smot/smitten)
testimony /’testim^eni/ un.
ale /eil/ n.
alcoholic /aelk^e’holik/ adj.n.
ingredient /in’gri:di^ent/ cn.
carnivorous /ka:’niv^er^es/ adj.
cannibal /’kaenibl/ cn.
canine /’keinain/ n.adj.
denizen /’denizn/ cn.
frenzy /e/ cn.v.
ferment /^e:/ n.v.
incapacitate /ink^e’paesiteit/ v.
massacre /’maes^ek^e/ v.n.
buffalo /’b^vf^el^eu/ cn. (pl. +s)
ponder /o/ vt.vi.
enigma /i’nigm^e/ cn.
conundrum /k^e’n^vndr^em/ cn.
spank /ae/ v.n.
totter /’tot^e/ v.
stagger /’staeg^e/ v.n.
falter /fo:lt^e/ v.
appease /^epi:z/ v.
alleviate /^e’li:vieit/ v.
tranquilize /’traenkwilaiz/ v.
placate /’pleikeit/ v.
catastrophe /k^e’taestr^efi/ cn.
daunt /do:nt/ v.
gape /ei/ n.v. +at
gawk /go:k/ v.n.
duration /dju^e’rei/ n.
implore /im’plo:/ v. ~ sb. to do sth.
beseech /bi’si:ch/ v.
entreat /in’tri:t/ v.
muffle /^v/ v.n.
stifle /’staifl/ v.
prank /ae/ cn.v.
mischief /’mischif/ cn.
saunter /’so:nt^e/ n.v.
amble /’aembl/ v.n.
trickle /i/ cn.
ooze /u:z/ v.n.
astound /^es’taund/ v.
falsify /’fo:lsifai/ v.
entrust /in’tr^vst/ v. ~ sb. with sth. / ~ sth. to sb.
glutton /’gl^vtn/ cn.
gorge /go:dg/ v.
overtone /ouv^e’toun/ cn.
implication /i/ cn.
shrine /shrain/ cn.
sanctuary /’saenkchu^eri/ cn.
altar /’o:lt^e/ n.
statute /’staetju:t/ cn.
writhe /raizh/ v.n.
wriggle /’rigl/ v.n.
squirm /skw^e:m/ v.n.
behold /bi’houd/ v. (beheld/beheld)
condescend /kondi’send/ v.
deign /dein/ v.
dike /daik/ cn.v.
moat /mout/ n.
grisly /’grizli/ adj.
ghastly /’ga:stli/ adj.
gruesome /’gru:s^em/ adj.
knave /neiv/ cn.
rascal /’raesk^el/ cn.
scoundrel /’skaundr^el/ cn.
villain /’vil^en/ cn.
parley /’pa:li/ cn.
shred /shred/ cn.v.
surmise /s^emaiz/ v.n.
vicissitude /vi’sisitju:d/ cn.
warden /’wo:dn/ cn.
warder /’wo:d^e/ cn.
fraternity /fr^e’t^e:niti/ n.
derision /di’rirg^en/ n.
pedlar /’pedl^e/ cn.
sentinel /’sentin^el/ cn.
cumber /’k^vmb^e/ v.

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2 Responses to Voc10K: Lesson 5

  1. WEIWEI says:

    Voc 10K? What for? GRE?btw: WARDEN, make me recall the movie: Shawshank’s Redemption. Stupid WARDEN with pathetic ending, just deserve it.

  2. AyuanX says:

    Of course not for GRE. Failed to recollect that warden fragment of the movie.

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