Voc10K: Lesson 4

I have got so much to give, I swear I do.
I may not have nine lives, this one feels brand new.
Yes I’ve lived a good one.
I have tried to be true.
There are some things I never realized, till I met you.
How the wind feels on my cheeks, when I’m barking at the moon.
There is no home like the one you’ve got, cuz that home belongs to you.
Woo woo! Here I come.
Woo woo! Back to you.
Well I was in trouble, bad.
I was so confused.
I may not see in color babe, but I sure can feel blue.
I have been a lot of things, they may not all be true.
My experience was so mysterious, till I met you.
Now the sun will rise in the east, but I’m barking at the moon.
There is no home like the one you’ve got, cuz that home belongs to you.
Woo woo! Here I come.
Woo woo! Back to you.
There is no home like the one you’ve got,
cuz that home belongs to you…
                                     — "Barking at the Moon"
abdicate /aebdikeit/ vt.
relinquish /ri’linkwish/ vt.
accure /’^ekru:/ v.
amass /^e’maes/ v.
badger /aedg^e/ cn.v.
baffle /ae/ v.
thwart /thwo:t/ v.
conjecture /^e/’dgekch^e/ v.n.
speculate /e/kju/ v. +on/about
surmise /s^e’maiz/ v.
derange /di’reindg/ v.
fiend /fi:nd/ cn.
pine /ai/ cn.v. +for
smother /^v/ v.
throttle /throtl/ v.n.
throb /throb/ v.n.
palpitate /’paelpiteit/ v.
broth /broth/ cn.
crevice /’krevis/ cn.
cranny /ae/i/ n.
demean /i/’i:/ v.
foster /’fost^e/ v.
incentive /i/’e/ cn.
stimulus /’stimjul^es/ n.
labyrinth /’laeb^erinth/ n.
pore /po:/ v.cn. +over
scrutinize /skrutinaiz/ v.
transfix /aen/’i/ v.
petrify /’e/i/ai/ v.
anomaly /^e’nom^eli/ cn.
converge /^e/’^e:dg/ v.
epoch /’i:pok/ cn.
gaunt /go:nt/ adj.
haggard /’haeg^ed/ adj.
incessant /in’sesnt/ adj.
interminable /i/’^e/i/^e/bl/ adj.
artisan /a:tiz^en/ cn.
partisan /’pa:tiz^en/ cn.
zealot /’zel^et/ cn.
contemplate /’kontempleit/ v.
botch /boch/ v.
chafe /cheif/ v.
abrade /^e’breid/ v.
dissipate /i/i/ei/ v.
efface /i’feis/ vt.
glint /i/ n.v.
onerous /’on^er^es/ adj.
arduous /’a:dju^es/ adj.
iterate /’it^ereit/ v.
reiterate /ri:’it^ereit/ v.
propensity /^e/’en/i/i/ cn. +for/toward
singe /sindg/ v.
scorch /sko:ch/ v.n.
sear /i^e/ adj.n.v.
scald /o:/ n.v.
strut /^v/ v.n.
prance /aen/ v.n.
unravel /^v/’ae/^e/ v.
bellow /’bel^eu/ v.
cloak /kl^euk/ cn.
mantle /’maentl/ cn.v.
devout /di’vaut/ adj.
pious /pai^es/ adj.
guise /gaiz/ n.
latent /ei/^e/ adj.
covert /k^vv^et/ adj.
pawn /po:n/ v.
gage /geidg/ n.v.
pledge /pledg/ cn.v.
shudder /sh^vd^e/ v.n.
shrug /shr^vg/ v.n.
sequel /’si:kw^el/ cn.
salvage /’saelvidg/ v.n.
tyro /’tai^e/r^eu/ cn.
tardy /a:/ adj.
sluggish /sl^vgish/ adj.
semblence /e/^e/ n.

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