Voc10K: Lesson 3

Kind keepers of my weak decaying age,
Let dying Mortimer here rest himself.
Even like a man new haled from the rack,
So fare my limbs with long imprisonment.
And these grey locks, the pursuivants of death,
Nestor-like aged in an age of care,
Argue the end of Edmund Mortimer.
These eyes, like lamps whose wasting oil is spent,
Wax dim, as drawing to their exigent;
Weak shoulders, overborne with burthening grief,
And pithless arms, like to a wither’d vine
That droops his sapless branches to the ground;
Yet are these feet, whose strengthless stay is numb,
Unable to support this lump of clay,
Swift-winged with desire to get a grave,
As witting I no other comfort have.
But tell me, keeper, will my nephew come?
                                     — "Henry VI", by Shakespeare
odor /^eud^e/ n.
pervade /^e/’ei/ v.
despoil /i/’oil/ vt.
beckon /e/^e/ v.
beacon /i:/^e/ n.
bacon /ei/^e/ n.
concur /^e/^e:/ v. +with
denounce  v.
denunciate /i/^vn/sieit/ v.
fray /ei/ v.n.
cuff /^v/ cn.
hamper /ae/ vt.n. ~ sb. from sth.
impede /i/’i:/ vt.
malady /ae/^e/i/ cn.
ailment /eil/^e/ cn.
affliction /^e/i/ n.
plod /o/ n.v.
trudge /^v/dg/ v.
remnant /remn^ent/ cn.
residue /rezidju:/ n.
snore /o:/ n.v.
wheeze /wi:z/ n.v.
tinge /tindg/ n.v.
tint /i/ n.v.
tincture /ch/ n.v.
bicker /i/ v.
wrangle /rangl/ v.n.
contrive /^e/ai/ v.
dazzle /ae/zl/ v.
daze /eiz/ n.v.
fumble /^vm/ v.
memorandum /e/^e/’ae/^e/ n.
impair /i/e^e/ v.
mortify /o:/ v.
humiliate /hju:milieit/ v.
predominant /i/o/ adj.
salient /’seili^ent/ adj.
sanitary /ae/i/^e/ adj.
hygienic /haidgi’enik/ adj.
hygiene /’haidgi:n/ n.
wallet /o/i/ n.
warrant /wor^ent/ cn.
allocate  vt.
apportion /^e/’o:/ v.
brawl /o:l/ v.n.
cynical /i/ adj.
sarcastic /a:/ae/ adj.
contemptuous /^e/’e/tju^es/ adj.
sneering /i^e/ adj.
embellish /i/e/ v.
adorn /^e’do:n/ v.
ornament /o:n^e/ cn.v.
gallant /ae/^e/ adj.
courageous /^e/’ei/dg^e/ adj.
immerse /i/’^e:/ v.
plunge /^v/ v.
ostentatious /osten’teish^es/ adj.
pretentious /i/’e/sh^es/ adj.
gaudy /o:/ adj.
presentiment /i’ze/i/ n.
forebode /o:/^eu/ v.
satiate /ei/shieit/ v.adj.
surfeit /^e:/i/ v.n.
undulate /^v/dju/ei/ v.
billow /’bil^eu/ n.v.
apparel /^e’paer^el/ cn.v.
cajole /k^e’dg^eul/ v. ~ sb. into sth.
coax /^eu/ v. ~ sb. into sth.
discard /i/’a:/ vt.
effete /i’fi:t/ adj.
grudge /^vdg/ cn. +against
resentment /i’zent/ n.
wrath /raeth/ n.
sullen /^v/^e/ adj.
sunken /^vn/^e/ adj. (sink)
kidnap /ae/ v.
abduct /aeb/’d^v/ v.
ravish /ae/ v.
hijack /’haidgaek/ v.
pact /ae/ n.
pry /prai/ v.
peep /i:/ v.
snoop /u:/ v.n.
scour /skau^e/ v.
scrub /sk^vb/ v.n.
swagger /ae/ v.n.
strut /^v/ v.n.
vagary /ei/^e/ n.
asset /’ae/e/ cn.
chasm /’kaez^em/ n.
despoil /di’spoil/ v. ~ sb. of sth.
plunder /^v/ v.n.
depredate /’e/i/ei/ v.
facetious /f^e’si:sh^es/ adj.
jocular /dgokjul^e/ adj.
waggish /’waegish/ adj.
sly /slai/ adj.
hurtle /h^e:tl/ v.
lunge /l^vndg/ v.n.
larceny /la:sni/ cn.
pervade /^e:/ei/ v.
diffuse /i/’ju:z/ v.adj.
impregnate /i/e/ei/ v.
recant /ri’kaent/ v.
retract /ae/ v.
shambles /shaemblz/ cn.
bedlam /e/^e/ n.
taboo /t^e’bu:/ cn. (pl. +s)
interdiction /i/ n.
trappings /ae/z/ n.
subversive /^v/^e:/ adj.
periodical /pi^eri’odik^el/ adj.
infirmity /i/’^e:/i/ n.
beseech /bi’si:ch/ v.

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