Memories Off History Series 扩展补丁合集

  • 包含:
    1. Memories Off Duet
    2. Memories Off 3~想い出にかわる君~
    3. Memories Off 4~それから~
    4. Memories Off 4~それから Again~
    5. Memories Off #5~とぎれたフィルム~
    6. Memories Off ~After Rain Vol.1 折鶴~
    7. Memories Off ~After Rain Vol.2 想演~
    8. Memories Off ~After Rain Vol.3 卒業~
  • 作用:
    1. TXT为纯文本说明文件
    2. EXE用于将存档位置改到游戏安装目录下
    3. SAVE为100%完美存档

<< Memories Off History Series >> PatchEx Pack

By AyuanX

<> Usage:

Simply copy the following two files in each folder to your game installation folder by overwriting the original files.

<> Description:

1. XXXX.exe

// This main patch moves your game save location from “C:Documents and Settings%USER%Application Data” into a subfolder of “SAVE/” inside your game installation folder.


// This is the 100% complete save data. If you have deployed the main patch above, put it into “SAVE/” folder. If you determine not to use the main patch, rename it to corresponding name and put it into the original game save location metioned above.


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