KID Tools GUI V2.1 (a.k.a. KTG)

KID Tools GUI (KTG) 是一个可以读入 KID 公司出品的大多数游戏的资源(例如:图片、音乐、脚本等等),进行解析、显示、播放,以及导出为文件的工具。KTG为全图形化用户操作界面,使用方法请自行研究。

KTG的版本历史可以追溯为:KTG2(当前的版本)-> KTG -> KTC(KID Tools CMD) -> EvEctor & CvCetor(初版)。


1. 梦のつばさ~Fate of Heart (梦之翼)
2. Never7~The end of infinity (第七夜~无限轮回的终结)
3. Ever17~The out of infinity (时光的羁绊)
4. Remember11~The age of infinity(时光的记忆)
5. 12RIVEN~The Ψcliminal of integral(记忆的迷路)
6. Memories Off (秋之回忆1)
7. Memories Off 2nd (秋之回忆2)
8. Memories Off Duet (秋之回忆1+2二重奏)
9. Memories Off~Typing~ (秋之回忆~打字游戏)
10. Memories Off~After Rain Vol.1 折鶴~ (秋之回忆外传1~折鹤)
11. Memories Off~After Rain Vol.2 想演~ (秋之回忆外传2~想演)
12. Memories Off~After Rain Vol.3 卒業~ (秋之回忆外传3~卒业)
13. Memories Off 3~想い出にかわる君~ (秋之回忆3~想君)
14. Memories Off 4~それから~ (秋之回忆4~从今以后)
15. Memories Off 4~それから Again~ (秋之回忆4~从今以后续篇)
16. Memories Off #5~とぎれたフィルム~ (秋之回忆5~中断的胶片)

KID Tools GUI (a.k.a. KTG)
by AyuanX

<>Instruction Manual:
None. Do we need one?

<>What’s new:
# V2.1 Build 080717
1. RGB/BGR color auto correction for display
2. Full support with “12RIVEN -the Ψcliminal of integral-”
3. Full Support with “Memories Off History Series” of total 8 games

# V2.0 Build 080709
1. Character figure pack of game “12RIVEN” Supported

# V2.0 Build 080708
1. Explicit recognition of script pack of game “12RIVEN”
2. Escalate the priority of backgrouond thread by a little to guarantee audio playing quality

# V2.0 Build 080707
1. Employ GDI+ as graphic interface
2. Employ DirectSound as audio interface
3. Tranpsarent PNG with Alpha channel supported
4. Black/White background alternative (for better visual with transparent images)
5. Built-in OGG decoder added
6. Mousewheel scroll on image view supported
7. GUI stylish conformity, keyboard shortcut modification
7. Full support with game “Remember11 -the age of infinity-”
8. Limited support with game “12RIVEN -the Ψcliminal of integral-”

# V1.0 – V1.5
Sorry, I just can’t remember the details of history so long ago.

1. RGB/BGR color auto correction is only effective for display. If you are gonna save the file to disk, you still need to do the BGR->RGB color conversion manually with some images.
2. Some character figures have got nasty noise stripes in the middle. My best guess is KID plays some trick with us, but I really don’t have time for this.
3. Since TGA doesn’t support 4bit palette, I have no other way but to convert such 4bit palette indexed images to greyscale images. Anyway, I still attach the original palette to the end of file, so you can revert the color back when necessary.

So long, so tired, so messing.
Miracles sometimes occur, but one has to work terribly for them.




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  1. hang hieu says:

    Was looking for info like this for my project I am putting my thoughts into. Thank you very much :)

  2. I generally do not comment to posts but I will in this case, to give some credit. I will bookmark this :)

  3. BB says:

    请问有没有 KLZ 格式解析

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