Conspiracy of M$?

So many days I’ve been blind to one simple fact, damn it I haven’t found it out earlier. Why no people from other countries but Chinese could be found on M$N SPACE which is actually a global service to all people around the world? This thought freaks me out whenever the non-stoping update list flashs with Chinese charaters piled in titles. Even more I’ve tried a lot common Enlish names such as Jimmy, Elizabeth etc. as well as typical Japanese names like sasaki, rieko or so as member names, and it turned out whether the page doesn’t exist or I caught sight of familiar Chinese in it too! How come to be like that? Does it imply something poop or what? Don’t you think this is extremely strange and unnatural? Should we better keep an eye on this phenomenon if it’s some M$’ latent plot or intrigue. What do you say?

26th May 補記:
Finally I’ve got it! Yes, M$ DOES have some little trick in there. M$ SPACE will check your system location and language settings whenever you browse it and save the infomation somewhere(I guess it must be in the cookie). Later it will convert your requested page then send to you in the exact language according to your system settings. This seems convenient and smart but the little trick also hides right there–the newest update list as well as the newest opened space list are classified by language, more specifically, the character set. Hence you could only see those who speak the same language as you appear in the newest update list thanks to M$’s so smart the intelligence.

Now do you wonder is there something we can do to gratefuly reject so uncomfortable the intelligence? Luckily yes, someway we can fix it by adding ?mkt=us-en or ?mkt=ja-jp or etc to the end of the hyperlink in the address bar. Just follow this format: ?mkt=countrylanguage. Go and try some combinations and you will find out that it is a big world with thousands of people of different countries living in.

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